GGE Radio Live Music Review

GZoo Radio music reviewsGreen Game Entertainment is an entertainment group out of Tampa Bay Florida specializing in music production and online broadcasting. We have recently launched our online music review and are accepting submissiond for our Monday, Wednesday and Friday shows. THIS ONLY FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS. Please do not submit any copywritten music to our show.

It is free to submit however, we do have some minor rules:

  • 1 - You must like our Green Game Entertainment page on Facebook
  • 2 - You must share at least ONCE for every track submission you send (2 max per show).
  • 3 - NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC PLEASE!!! We don't want to get penalized.
  • 4 - You must register as a member (IT'S FREE) on this site in order to upload your music.

What are the benefits?

  • 1 - You get priority plays over email submissions.
  • 2 - We notify you when we're going live so you can submit early.
  • 3 - Your music tracks get posted on our web site for the world to hear.
  • 4 - YOUR MUSIC will reach hundreds (if not thousands) of people over time!
  • 5 - Select tracks will be put on rotation on our GZoo radio station (royalties paid/real BDS spins).