Create videos and distribute them to 2 of the fastest growing traffic sources in the world.

Roku™ and Fire TV™ are goldmines for businesses and marketers. These untapped resources have grown to a viewership of over 70 million households but, the competition level is so low that if you start today you have a chance to build an amazing revenue stream with very little money.

Distribute your content to Roku and Fire TV

Sell Products

Sell your products directly to Roku™ and Fire TV™ audiences. With over 70 million people and BILLIONS of hours of video content streamed every week, you have a chance to create a sustainable revenue stream by selling your products direct to consumer.

Sell Advertisement

You can sell advertisement to your local businesses -or- simply let Roku™ and Fire TV™ insert ads for you. There are many companies that will pay for commercials on your TV shows. All you have to do is assign at which times to insert the ads in the video.

Sell Subscriptions

You can elect to make your channels free -or- subscription based. Create a channel that provides home viewers useful information and build up a recurring revenue business with almost no money. Roku™ and Fire TV™ help you with this.

Sell Services

Become a Roku™ and Fire TV™ consultant and help businesses get their own TV channels going. Some consultants are making a boatload of money providing these services and you can too!


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